I’ve worked as a personal and wardrobe stylist for almost 15 years. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of the world’s best photographers, makeup artists and models. I’ve been lucky enough to go to numerous New York Fashion weeks and meet top designers, I’ve been lucky enough to transform peoples' closets and their love for fashion, and as of the last 8 years, I’ve been lucky enough to become a mom to my two beautiful sons, and recently welcomed our gorgeous princess to the clan.

I've also jumped feet first into the fitness and fashion industry with the creation of our blog Ms Fit for Society with my friend, Jessica Diaz. Through this blog we have produced and hosted many fashion/fitness events including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's and Intermix, we have raised thousands of dollars for charities and most importantly, we have inspired and been inspired by countless women, to follow our dreams, motivate one and other and go out there and kick butt!


People always ask me how I got into this business and if I went to school for it. The answer is, I did not go to school for it and I got into it by following my gut and my heart. When I started almost 15 years ago, the idea of a profession in dressing models was never anything I had known nor was it something college counselors were telling me about. Back then, when you looked through an issue of any top fashion magazine, the credits listed for the editorials only mentioned the photographer. The stylist behind the scenes was a mystery and I guess no one ever thought how the clothes magically ended up on the model and looked so perfect. There was no facebook nor instagram and the internet itself was relatively a new form of sourcing information. When I graduated college where I studied advertising with a minor in art history, I started working in retail, met a lot of great fashionistas and must have picked up on the fact that the concept of a "stylist" was something real. My adoration and pure love for fashion and magazines pushed my heart into the direction of wanting to work in publication. 

Through pure luck and determination, my first big break came when I got an internship with Scene Magazine in Boston. A beautiful, glossy-paged, fashion-forward magazine headed by one of the best men I will ever know to this day, Bobby DiMarzo. He took me on as an intern and before I knew it, he told me that I would be helping him with his next photoshoot. It was on a Saturday, in the middle of summer, he had about four elephant-sized boxes filled with Chanel from New York that he wanted me to organize into cohesive outfits and then style on the models. It was a shoot for fall fashion, so you can imagine these Chanel tweeds and furs were not the lightest to schlep around, never mind watch this poor model wear in the 90 degree heat. For that particular shoot, the people at Chanel could not send us their accessories in time, so Bobby instructed me to march down to the Chanel boutique (only a block from where we were shooting, luckily) and take accessories from them. I wasn't quite sure what he meant by that... I mean, who am I to walk into Chanel and just tell them I need their stuff. Was this a joke? And that was my first "Bobby Lesson" in this industry about confidence. Walk in there like you know what you're doing, tell them who you are and what you're doing and you'll get everything you want. Before I could think into it too much and how insane that all sounded, I did just as he said. It felt like a Pretty Woman moment because the fine ladies at Chanel gave me everything I wanted. Whatever I pointed to, I walked out with. And needless to say, that was one of the best days of my life, it's how I fell in love with styling and how I got into the business.

Photographed by Bobby DiMarzo

After interning at Scene for a bit, I was promoted to Fashion and Beauty Editor where I wrote the fashion stories, sourced amazing new beauty products and wrote about them, and produced and styled every single photoshoot we did. A couple years after that, I got promoted to the ultimate position at the magazine, Editor in Chief. After being with the magazine for six amazing years, I left to focus and grow my own personal styling business. 

During this time I got to know so many incredible and diverse clients, I was fortunate enough to attend many shows at New York Fashion Week, produced countless photoshoots and my career really blossomed. I then decided it was time to put everything on hold and start a family. When my first son was born, I'm not going to lie, I was beyond miserable. I was a young mom, had no clue what I was doing, missed my job and had no other friends who were moms yet. When my son was 5 months old, by pure luck, I ran into another mom at the local cobbler and instantly connected. She introduced me to an amazing group of moms in the city, she showed me all the kid playgroups, music classes and playgrounds that would make me sane again. And it was at these playgrounds that we really became each other's support system and most importantly, motivator to get our lives back to our norm. We wanted to feel good again, we wanted to fulfill daily goals that were more than how many diapers we changed that day, and we wanted to get back to growing our careers.

After months of chats at the parks and over our own "date nights," we started our blog together focused on fitness and fashion. Jessica Diaz was the angel I had been waiting for to get me out of my "new mom rut," to light a fire under my butt, to give me the motivation and confidence that I had needed, and to become one of my best friends in life. Our blog, Ms Fit for Society launched in March 2015 and by that May we had solidified our first big break. A fitness and fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston curated and styled entirely by us. In the last few years as bloggers we have raised thousands of dollars for charities, attended dozens of incredible events, put on our own events at places like Bloomingdale's and Intermix, we met some of the most incredible people, in particular women that are either super moms or women launching businesses, and we have really grown as moms and as women through this process. 

While focusing on Ms Fit for Society, I have been expanding my personal styling business as well. I have taken on some of my cutest clients to date, with the start of kid's styling. As a mom of three kiddos, I love shopping for them and putting together fun outfits, but I know that a lot of moms either don't like it or simply don't have time for it. And out of the requests of moms for help with their kids' wardrobe and style advice, was born the addition to my business, kid's styling.  

In the last several years, I have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people, grow my two businesses, renovate and design our new family home on my own, all while balancing my kids (no nanny included), take time away with my husband, travel, become more spiritual and connected with what the universe is sending me, and it's all thanks to my experiences, the people whom I've met and the path that I've been on. 

So when people ask me, how did you get into this business, sometimes I want to answer, I'm still getting there because there's always something new to learn...


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