I always say, fashion is what walks down the runway, style is how you make it your own. The best compliment I've ever received from my clients is that I never push my own style on them. Style is individual and special to each and everyone of us, it's just my job to inspire your own style with some tips and tricks. What's en trend, what looks good for your body type and how to keep up the chicness you've now embraced!


Before we start anything, we need to clean up shop. That means, we'll take a field trip to your closet, and no, I don't judge (everyone always asks me that), go through every part of it, put some fashion analytics into it; what goes to charity, what goes to the tailor, what can be consigned and what can be reworked to fit back in with your style. Before you know it, you'll have a clean and organized closet that will inspire you to love what you put on every morning.

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My schpeal to my clients: 

For most of my clients, getting dressed in the morning for work or in the evening for an event is a torturous chore. In my opinion, fashion should be just the opposite. What you wear doesn't define who you are but it does change how you feel. It's a part of taking care of yourself, like working out or eating right. Putting together an outfit should be a pleasure and what I've been teaching my clients is that if something is easy, it's much more fun to do! When we organize their closets, it's based on how they want to see their closet and the best way they will continue to keep it organized. Lots of psychology here! This is what I call, "shopping your closet." When we clean a closet and make it look like a beautiful boutique, you will more likely enjoy your experience and want to come back. It'll be easier to see all of your goodies in front of you and with that, be more enjoyable and quicker to put outfits together. A win, win! 


Once we've gone through your closet, we'll start to get an idea of what you may need to fill in some fashion gaps. We can then go shopping for these pieces. Most of my clients are tight on time so they prefer that I do the shopping for them. But I'm open to whatever is easiest for you. 

I'll go out to find the pieces that you need, bring everything to your home, you try on everything, keep the pieces you love and I go return the rest. 

My schpeal to my clients:

For most, shopping is a chore that they don't want to waste time on. When I shop for my clients, I not only save them countless hours, but I also shop for quality while sticking to their budget... this in my opinion, is the most important quality in a good stylist. Any person with a little style can walk into a store and buy the hottest and trendiest, but you pay the price. I distinguish myself from the rest because I am a master (so I've been told) at finding trendy, designer or designer-like pieces at a fraction of the cost. We all want to look like we stepped out of the sample closet at Vogue, but let's be real, not all of us can afford that. As a stylist, it's my job to make all the parts come together just right; finding the perfect collection of clothing that fits right, that's on budget and most importantly, that sustains the image of you that you're comfortable with. While shopping is a past time that anyone can do, for those that see it as a means to improving their look and overall appearance, I think of it as a craft like that of a makeup artist or hairdresser. You can absolutely do your makeup or dye your hair yourself, but honestly, how much better does it look and how much better do you feel when you're in the hands of a professional? Am I right?

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Thanks to the love of dressing my own kiddos and helping my friends with kid's style advice, I launched my kid's styling service three years ago.

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