I love my clients, and I especially love making them happy… Here’s what they have to say about my services…  


I've known Alisa for many years and she has helped me style outfits for so many occasions. I like having great pieces to wear but I actually really do not enjoy shopping at all. I often get overwhelmed, feel like I just walk around stores in circles, and then end up leaving empty handed. Alisa has been a huge help shopping for me and my kids. One I thing I love is if I am shopping on my own, I  can send her photos of pieces that I find and she helps me with decisions on those.  I've sent her online links to pieces I'm thinking of buying and she's steered me in the right direction... 

What I love about Alisa is her pure honesty, her knowledge on what's trending and what the classics are, her incredible ability to find high-end looking pieces at very affordable prices, her ability to pin point exactly what my personal style is and never push me to wear something that didn't feel like "me." I am not someone who spends time looking at fashion magazines and  fashion blogs, so I usually feel like I don't know what the new styles are.  I love that since meeting Alisa, I feel more confident in the outfits I'm wearing and more confident in choosing outfits for myself that I wouldn't normally think to put together. 

Before using Alisa as a stylist, I thought that stylists were a luxury that not many people could afford. But I quickly realized that her service was actually saving me money and time. Instead of buying pieces last minute and only wearing them once, or buying pieces that I didn't absolutely love that would just sit in my closet with tags on... everything she has suggested or bought for me I have worn on many occasions, and most importantly, she has taught me how to style my wardrobe so I'm able to wear things over and over again.

And most of all, Alisa is fun to be around and so she has made something I usually dread actually enjoyable. This really has changed the way I get dressed.  I can't recommend her enough! ~J.D.


I hired Alisa to reorganize my closet while also helping me to decide which pieces in my collection I should hold on to and which to let go of. The ones I kept, she helped me style into cohesive outfits that I could wear for many different occasions. When she was done organizing, my closet looked like a beautiful designer showroom... everything was properly organized by color or occasion, there was finally space for me to browse through my clothing, my shoes were perfectly alined... I felt like I was shopping at my favorite boutique the next day while getting ready for work. What I appreciated the most was that Alisa taught me how best to upkeep this organization so that my closet would stay in its perfect condition. 
I love Alisa’s knowledge of fashion and trends, her fun personality and her honest yet non-judgmental approach to styling and organizing my closet.
If you’re a busy woman like me who loves her closet and fashion but doesn’t have time to always organize or even shop a lot, Alisa is the perfect solution! ~M.S.


Alisa is more than a stylist. She's a wardrobe whisperer, a "tell it like it is because your girlfriends may not" confidant, a trend spotter and trendsetter, and a true lover of fashion and design. So yes, you could say that my investment in Alisa for style guidance was worth every dollar; I just wish I had met her sooner! I want to preface that I don't have thousands to spend on clothing, but I love fashion- the magazines and instagram influencers made me feel that if I don't have money to spend or a size 0 body, I may as well not waste my time. I succumbed to a basic wardrobe with random pieces that I bought frantically a day before an event. I would stare at my clothing-filled dresser and shelves of shoes and think: "I hate everything in here, can't I just start over?"

Alisa went through my closet, she shopped with me, and taught me what pieces to invest in and how to apply fashion trends to my lifestyle, my body type, and personality. We all wear clothes, we all shop, and many of us have a lot of style questions that we try to answer based on a Google search or an article we read in Vogue while waiting for a doctor's appointment… why not hire someone who’s an expert in the field and can give you one-on-one attention? 

Alisa is truly a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services. ~J.S.


I was in need of some closet therapy and that's what I got when I hired Alisa. She helped me to make decisions about what needed to go and what could stay. I appreciated her unbiased, honest and knowledgeable advice. She made a shopping list for me (and actually did the shopping) - the list included some basics that I was missing and also some key items that allowed me to make better use of clothing that was already in my closet. For example finding the perfect top for my fabulous (unworn) burgundy and gold party pants :)
Alisa gave me good sound advice - including suggesting that I upgrade to wooden hangers from my ugly metal ones - this brings me happiness everyday. ~ B.W.


Working with Alisa has been an incredibly positive experience. I first met with Alisa to create outfits from my current wardrobe and to organize my closet. I really appreciated the time Alisa took during our initial meeting to understand my personal taste in order to determine how she could best assist me. In just a couple of hours Alisa had photographed incredible outfits from my wardrobe and began to organize my closet in a way that would work for me. Since our initial meeting, I have shopped with Alisa to purchase key items missing from my wardrobe. Additionally, Alisa has styled my outfits for numerous press events. She goes above and beyond on every task - emailing me incredible options for a specific outfit and/or event. Since our initial meeting, Alisa has helped to strengthen my self-esteem and build confidence in my personal style. And the compliments I receive on my outfits and accessories are an additional bonus! ~ C.R.

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