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Bigger Isn't Always Better

Bigger Isn't Always Better

If you know my style, you know that I absolutely love statement jewels. The bigger, the bolder, the more in your face, the more beautiful they are. But recently, I've fallen in love with quite the opposite. Small and dainty, simple jewels by EF Collection. 

One of my favorite jewelry shops is Impulse by Adamas Fine Jewelry in Wellesley, MA. I love me some jewelry, but truly, I don't just fall in love with every jewelry store I step foot in... but this one... just beyond obsessed! They carry spectacular designers like Hoorsenbuhs and Suzanne Kalan (check out the pink topaz ring, it's gorgeous!), but what I love the most is the unique pieces that owner Veronica curates for every special client.  There's something for everyone and for every budget.

One of the designs that I instantly fell in love with was EF Collection and it started me on my appreciation for dainty jewelry. Coincidentally, that night I was going to an event and wanted to try out layering three necklaces at different lengths to style up my ensemble. What I loved about the look was that it was special, it was so unique to my styling, and together, these three  darling necklaces became the stand out piece of the entire look. 

Another piece, or two, or three that I'm coveting of theirs are the stud earrings. They're gold and some with diamonds, but what I love is that they're so different from anything I've seen before, and again, so preciously small. They're the kind of earrings you can put on and not have to take off every night before bed. As a super busy mom, that's my own little styling tip; go with something that you don't have to fuss with every morning to put on, but will make you feel special, and at the least, make you feel like you tried that morning.  

These are three little bracelets that I almost ran out of the store with... I just love them! I'm a big fan of layering bracelets, and one of my favorite things to do is add one dainty piece in the mix of my arm candy. I think what looks best is when you vary the size of each of your bracelets, not have more than 5 or 6 on one wrist, and incorporate one just like this to add a little glam but not overwhelm the look.

Girls, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I know your man is frantically trying to guess/look for/hear from the Gods about what you want... Here's a little hint: give him a little hint - he'll be thankful and you'll be happy. This year, try out my fave new styling go-to, dainty jewels, whether solo or layered together, and hint at pieces by EF Collection at Impulse by Adamas. Go dainty or go home!

A little Valentine's treat for my fashionistas:


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