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The Perfect White T-Shirt... No, But Seriously

The Perfect White T-Shirt... No, But Seriously

When it comes to the closet, one of the items of clothing that I get asked about most frequently is… “what’s the best white t-shirt… and how do I get that ‘effortless white t-shirt look?’’’ Have no fear, the white t-shirt whisper is here… and I feel ya. How could such a simple thing be so difficult?

I did a little investigating, pulled out all of my own t-shirts, interviewed some of my most fashionable peeps, and have come up with a collection that I think will satisfy everyone’s white t-shirt desires.

A few guidelines… that aren’t really guidelines because I believe you should just go with whatever style feels good and makes you happy… but, some things to look for:

FIT: T-shirts are just like jeans, not one style for all mankind. There’s flouncy, there’s boxy, there’s cropped, there’s boycut… Try on a few different shapes and see which one you think looks good on your body, but more importantly, makes you feel confident and not fidgeting with it constantly. I think that no matter your size, depending on fabric and the way you style it, look for the fit that is best for you… but also remember, decide how you want to wear it, because each fit of shirt can also look good depending on what you pair it with. **See STYLE paragraph below for some inspo!

FABRIC: Most of these types of t-shirts are made of cotton. But not all cottons are created equal. I personally love the t-shirts that have a soft and almost see-through cotton because I love the way the fabric flows and I love the look of getting that see-through bra style. My personal style is wearing these white t-shirts with a black bra underneath, to purposely get that see-through look. And if the t-shirt is a v-neck, sometimes I’ll shift one side off the shoulder, so that the shoulder is exposed more, and then wear a bra with a pretty lace strap that then can be seen. If you don’t love the bra-see look, then opt for the more opaque, thicker cotton. These types of t-shirts tend to look more polished and put together… great for a work-look underneath a blazer or just simple, tucked in to trousers with a fun belt. Again, this is one of those things that you should try on and see what suits your style. And perhaps having a few variations in your closet might be the way to go, because you can style them in so many ways!

STYLE: This isn’t rocket science, this is a white t-shirt. It’s an easy go-to for almost any occasion. What I’ve found with my clients is that everyone is overthinking it and thinking that other people are noticing how badly their t-shirt is tucked in, and that it should be a tenth of a centimeter higher on the neckline… but I’ve got news for you… No one cares… they’re actually looking at you and thinking, damn, how’d she pull off that white t-shirt look so effortlessly? But, if you need a little bit of guidance to get you out of your t-shirt funk….

How do I style a white -shirt in the summer?

  1. Boxy, boy cut white t-shirt tucked into a pair of high-waisted jeans and either a cute pair of strappy heels or flat sandals. Adding a belt? Optional. How do I feel about adding sneakers? Eh… wait until the fall.

  2. Crisp crew neck t-shirt underneath a cotton suit and strappy sandals. Add a fun summer bag for a little pizzaz and dare I say even add in a cool brooch on the blazer’s lapel for a statement!

  3. Relaxed crew-neck t-shirt tucked in, (tuck only the front of the t-shirt in, leave the back flowing over) into a pair of casual jean shorts (black or white jean shorts are perfect) and a fun pair of low heels or strappy flat sandals… and when the summer temps cool down, I love this look with a pair of slides or flats. You can also add on a cool blazer or jean jacket to chic-it-up a bit!

  4. Any white t-shirt you love, tie a knot on the side and pair with a fun skirt… a short jean skirt (one with rips in it, always my fave), or for a more feminine look, a flowy silky skirt, perhaps tea length, a pair of heels and don’t forget about the accessories! Depending on the cut of your neckline, I’d suggest wearing a fun necklace or bold earrings. If you have a v-neck t-shirt, go with a long necklace or group 3 shorter necklaces together. If you have a crew neck t-shirt, I’d go with a pair of fun earrings that will stand out against the crisp white shirt!



t-shirt: Gap; skirt: Caroline Constas; necklace: Vintage Chanel;

bra: La Perla; hat: Aqua; sandals: Avec Les Filles


Style Note: I love collecting vintage designer jewelry… this is one of my favorite pieces, a 1980s Chanel choker that was sourced for me by Mademoiselle Lux Consignment

After careful consideration and some research in the name of fashion, I’ve compiled a short list of white t-shirts that I think you’ll really love. They each offer something different, whether in style or cut or texture, and I hope they’ll inspire you to be a little bit more confident in styling your next outfit… and have every girl saying, “wow! I love how she pulled off that white t-shirt look so effortlessly…how did she do it?”

Happy styling!

I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions on this… Please leave your comments here or on my instagram @styleproductions.


For a great example of tucking, see photo below….

For a great example of tucking, see photo below….

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