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Party in the Park Style

Party in the Park Style

Every May the garden-loving, hat-wearing, social butterflies of Boston and its surrounding burbs flock to one of Boston’s most beautiful parks for its annual Party in the Park. The event raises money for the continuous restoration and enhancement of the Boston parks and what a beautiful event it is!

As emcee Janet Wu and the other women at the helm of this grand party explained, the institution of city parks bring people together, they are where families and friends are formed. And how true that is! As a mom, especially when living in the city, these parks were like my second home. I have met so many fellow mamas and women here, sharing life stories while on long walks with our strollers, or on picnics with the family. These parks are priceless!

The event itself is nothing short of extraordinary. From the floral arrangements that soar to the sky, to the beautifully selected and presented lunch. From the local celebs, to the world renowned celebs, like this year’s guest appearance by fashion designer Jason Wu. And of course, my favorite part, the hats that everyone wears in all of their whimsical and creative glory!

If you know me, then you know I am a hat fanatic! Obsessed with any type of hat big or small… but let’s be honest, bigger is better and way more fun! And for this event, I wanted to use my creative juices to create my own hat. After finding the right dress, it was on to picking out the colors of flowers and ribbon that would complement the dress.


Found these beauties at my local craft store… Just thought these flowers were so unique in form and the colors matched perfectly!


For the complete tutorial on making your own hat, and to watch the entire process of making this hat, check out my Instagram stories archive entitled “DIY.”


Here is my complete outfit….


Dress: Keepsake the Label ; Shoes: Marc Jacobs; Bag: Christian Dior vintage; Bracelet & Ring: Rivka Friedman bracelet and ring .

Rivka Friedman is a jewelry designer that I’ve recently fallen in love with and mixed into my style repertoire. I’m drawn to her pieces because they are always so full of color, and I really love that I can grab them no matter where I’m going. I wear this giant cocktail ring to meetings with clients and also wear it to more formal events as well. It’s that perfect statement making ring… in a toned down manner!


I love her designs, and I know you will too! And… use my special code STYLE70 to get 70% off any non-promo pieces on RivkaFriedman.com! Score!

with friends Jessica Diaz and Marsha MacLean

with friends Jessica Diaz and Marsha MacLean

with local news anchor & emcee of Party in the Park, Janet Wu

with local news anchor & emcee of Party in the Park, Janet Wu


For more information on the party and the park conservancy, read here…

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